Treyvon Hale

Job title: 
Berkeley Hope Scholars

Treyvon, or Trey, (He/Him) is a second-year attending the Rauser College of Natural Resources, majoring in Environmental Economics. He is from San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Trey is interested in fashion, sustainability, and philanthropy. He was brought to BHS with a passion for serving underserved students, and to help them succeed in institutions not intentionally designed for students from complex backgrounds. With a history of volunteer and non-profit involvement, he is here to grow professionally and build community. He is currently working with Bay Area non-profit, Project Avary, discovering new ways to support the socioemotional needs of children with a current or formerly incarcerated parent. On campus, he is involved with MRRC, a community for mixed-identifying students to find resources and community. He is also a part of FAST, Fashion, and Student Trends. Trey is eager to help connect students with clubs and opportunities he may know of and troubleshoot along the way.