Hope scholars and staff gathered in a table

The Berkeley Hope Scholars Community

The overarching goal of BHS is to create a safe and welcoming community where students have a sense of belonging. In their first year, BHS students are required to take our transition course, Ensuring Success for Foster Youth in Higher Education. The course provides students with a safe space to reflect on their experiences, build community with fellow BHS students, and introduces them to resources to better navigate the campus. The connections students make in the course serve as valuable resources.

Community Events 

The BHS community holds frequent events throughout the year. While these events often serve some practical purpose, many are simply opportunities to relax and have fun with fellow BHS students. Some of the events are:

  • Welcome Event
  • Academic & Enrichment Workshops
  • LinkedIn photoshoots
  • Holiday Receptions
  • Game Nights
  • Study Jams
  • Graduation Celebration

Community Service & Advocacy 

True to UC Berkeley's legacy of commitment to public service, most BHS students engage in some form of community service such as serving as tutors, volunteering in free clinics and advocating for foster youth. BHS students use their voice to outreach and educate. By sharing their experiences, they seek to improve the lives of others with similar backgrounds and familiarize the campus community on foster youth in higher education. Examples of BHS student advocacy include testifying for legislation supporting foster youth, hosting round table discussions on mental health, and serving as panelists for presentations on the foster youth college experience.