Financial Aid Overview

The award of financial aid makes a college education accessible and affordable.  Your financial aid package will help pay for tuition, room and board and other college expenses. At UC Berkeley, all undergraduate applicants—except international students—must complete a FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to establish financial need. 

Applying for financial aid is free. At UC Berkeley, completing a FAFSA application is the only process for applying for financial aid. The FAFSA application is available on January 1 each year and the deadline is March 2.  You must complete a new or renewal FAFSA by March 2 for each academic year in which you are enrolled.   When completing the FAFSA, students must include UC Berkeley in the list of schools to which you want your FAFSA information sent.  UC Berkeley's federal school code is 001312.

Eligibility for financial aid depends on your expected family/student contribution (EFC), year in school, enrollment status, and cost of attendance. Once you have filled out a FAFSA, the Office of Financial Aid will use your EFC and other information to determine the amount of financial aid for which you are eligible. Your financial aid package will be comprised of various types of aid. The initial award offer is based on full-time enrollment, which is 12 units per semester for undergraduates. Awards may be adjusted for changes in enrollment, residency status, or over-awards due to receipt of aid from other sources. UC Berkeley offers an extensive variety of financial aid programs to that are designed to ensure your education is affordable.

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